Documentary | America The Beautiful: Body Image

Honestly, many of the most impactful epiphanies I had in college stem from some POWERFUL documentaries and YouTube videos shown in courses that anybody could have been watching from outside the walls of ivory towers.

Sorry, expensive institutions! Y'all rock, but so does free inspiration.

This documentary focuses on beauty standards and body image in America.

As a Women's Studies major who once went through a phase of auditioning at modeling agencies at 5'8" and 125 pounds in a size 0 skirt—still considered ten pounds "too heavy" to really compete—I was disgusted to see more depictions of our culture's RIDICULOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE standards and scams of encouraging insecurity and false idealism in the otherwise brilliant brains of our capable girls and women.

Ladies especially: take pride in yourself exactly the way you are, and feel free to enjoy this powerful film.



Kelli Schaffter

Peace to the People, LLC, Columbus, Ohio