Religion | The God Delusion

As a young girl raised in rural Ohio, I grew up observing religion and politics creating vast division and arguments among otherwise loving and united groups of people.

As a young woman now living in a modern city, I don't find it all that surprising that I long to teach and write about spirituality and the WILD idea of having simple conversations about belief systems that some people freak out and shut down about when discussed.

When I first moved to Columbus, I was surrounded by pre-med students and scientists. Many of them were scholars, biologists, and chemists, and not so surprisingly, on the secular side of life.

Several friends insisted I read the book The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and I did.

It is a book I have recommended again and again and again (and again and again) to anyone remotely interested in science, spirituality, or the world around us.

In simply hearing out ideas that differ from our own, it seems that people with the most insecurity about their beliefs cling to them the tightest.

When people start to see cracks in their own logic, they seem to clasp to their views even tighter, desperately protecting what they long to be true.

In my opinion, it is about a billion times more respectable to listen to the truths of others and compare and contrast these findings to your own beliefs—facing alternative viewpoints with openness and a willingness to question.

Listening to dialogue and debate about "taboo" subjects only helps us to build more connection, possibility, and peace if we understand where other people are actually coming from.

So though I do not necessarily agree with every point made or every attitude displayed in this book/documentary, I still think asking uncomfortable questions is absolutely necessary for the continual growth of our society.

And regardless of your views, I think this man is one of the most courageous men alive right now, speaking his truth to counter potentially BILLIONS of people who would fervently disagree with his work.




Documentary | America The Beautiful: Body Image

Honestly, many of the most impactful epiphanies I had in college stem from some POWERFUL documentaries and YouTube videos shown in courses that anybody could have been watching from outside the walls of ivory towers.

Sorry, expensive institutions! Y'all rock, but so does free inspiration.

This documentary focuses on beauty standards and body image in America.

As a Women's Studies major who once went through a phase of auditioning at modeling agencies at 5'8" and 125 pounds in a size 0 skirt—still considered ten pounds "too heavy" to really compete—I was disgusted to see more depictions of our culture's RIDICULOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE standards and scams of encouraging insecurity and false idealism in the otherwise brilliant brains of our capable girls and women.

Ladies especially: take pride in yourself exactly the way you are, and feel free to enjoy this powerful film.



Inspiration | Guided Meditation for Beginners

We all have to start somewhere.

If you can breathe, this meditation is for you.

Don't want to listen to the introduction again?

I don't blame you—LOL!

You can access the full FREE 10 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation here.